Tummy time terrors. Or, tummy time, it’s all good until it’s not.

Tummy time sounds innocent enough. Your baby has until this point been sleeping on his or her back, and spending much of their waking time there as well, however friends, family and books are suggesting that you should introduce the little one to tummy time. Nothing wrong with introductions right? We’ll just turn him slowly on his side and then over onto his stomach, right? We’ll do it for a few minutes then back and see how it goes and over time we’ll increase the duration, right?


We’ve been trying tummy time with the Kidlet for many weeks now and the only time we’ve had any kind of success is when he’s so @#%@$% tired that he falls asleep before he figures out how pissed off he is to be on his tummy. Outside of those rare occasions he loses his mind immediately when turned over regardless how gently the roll is performed. I was hoping that by this time he’d come around. His neck is getting stronger (though his head is still enormous) and I would have thought he’d see some progress at this point. Lord knows he’s strong. He punched me in the face this morning and based on the impact I no longer buy into the thought that he can’t support himself with his arms. At this point I’m calling laziness with a side of cranky.

I will not be defeated. Tummy time will continue if for no other reason than my belief that he’s faking it.

Halloween is just around the corner and I’m on the hook for an infant Halloween costume

Call it wishful thinking but I had assumed that since the Kidlet hasn’t yet mastered the manual dexterity required to catch and replace a released soother that he wouldn’t be up for Halloween this year. Apparently he doesn’t have a say and Mrs Kidlet has been nominated to speak on his behalf. As such I’m on the hook to find an appropriately cute Halloween costume for a 10 week old. That is the mission.

Oh, did I mention that Mrs. Kidlet isn’t a huge science fiction fan, so the great Star Trek onesies I’ve featured on the right sidebar are apparently out of the question. I even explained the history of the ‘red shirt’ but to no avail. And so the search continues. I’ll likely either update this post as I come across potential baby Halloween costume candidates, or throw up new posts to introduce the options, but for now I’ll outline those that I’ve shortlisted. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Star Trek Baby Onesies (see the right sidebar).
As I mentioned above I’m told this is out… however I’ve already taken it upon myself to purchase a couple just in case :)

Baby Lobster Costume
Let it be known that I’m not overly thrilled with this one, but its proving difficult to find a baby costume that’s worth posting AND isn’t science fiction-related.

Infant Bat Costume
This baby bat costume has promise especially given that the Kidlet continues to be a spaz in terms of arm / hand control. As a result I expect that he’d unknowingly play the part of a constantly-flapping bat like a pro.

Baby Pea in The Pod Costume
Not my thing, but I’ll throw it in the mix to pad the cute factor (and prep Mrs. Kidlet for the break from rules to come). The mother-in-law would love the Pea costume… and Jr is definitely a pee machine, but I don’t think I could bring myself to take him out in public in something like this. The Pea in the pod costume will stay on the list, but if purchased will be restricted to home and family viewing only. Photos are out.

Baby Chewbacca Costume
*BAM* consider the rules broken. I mean, come on… its a baby Chewie costume, how can you not love this? Issues with this one is that it’s more of a partially shaved infant Chewbacca costume with emphasis on hightop and shoulder hair… and where’s the crossbow?

Front runners? Kirk and red shirt Star Trek costumes which have been purchased and will be kept well hidden until the time is right to break them out (Mrs. Kidlet, if you’re reading this… well, I”m sure you expected me to purchase them anyway right?). Chewbacca obviously, and then… geez. I guess the Bat.

Costume makers, if you’re out there here are some requests:

Bouncy chairs, baby heels and the balance between style and function

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As I’ve mentioned previously our little one has been growing at a furious pace. At 2 months he was out of most of his 0-3 clothes and well into the 3-6 comfortably. This growth has impacted not only his clothing, but other aspects of our day-to-day. In previous posts I’ve mentioned how much we love our BabySmart Cooshee changer as both a place for him to cosleep and a changing table. Well, at this point I wish BabySmart produced a larger sized Cooshee because I would be first in line. Junior fits in the current Cooshee at present, but I think he’ll soon outgrow it and for the time being getting our hands around him for transfers only reinforces the fact.

Bouncy Chairs. The Truth, The Fiction And The Alternatives.
Outside of the clothes and the changer I was very surprised to feel that we needed to change our bouncy chair. We started out of the gate with the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer which according to Fisher Price’s site is intended for children up to 25 lbs. First, let me say that our son LOVES this thing. He sits in it, sleeps in it… it’s been our savior on several occasions… the cover comes off easily for washing. That said, there are two items that i think are worth mentioning. First, it takes 4 D batteries which initially seemed a bit much. My advice to anyone buying one of these is to make sure you have rechargeables so you’re not sending the batteries to landfill (I will note that the batteries seem to last a looooong time, so it’s not really a gripe, just a callout for the environment).

Next, the Rainforest Bouncer reclines quite significantly so he’s more laying than sitting upright. I’m sure this is by design and was great when he was smaller, but as he’s gaining head control it would be nice to have other settings so we could prop him up to a greater degree.

Rainforest Bouncer And Baby Heel Exposure
Here’s the one that surprised me. Our little guy is 15.5 lbs and loves to lie back and kick his legs. Unfortunately the location that holds the batteries on the Rainforest Bouncer doesn’t include a padded cover (see the beige element near the baby’s feet in any photo of the device). As baby kicks his or her legs her heels will strike the hard plastic case which honestly doesn’t appear to bother my son, but certainly bothers me. We’ve since added our own padding which resolved the issue, but it strikes me as a design oversight to have not addressed this out of the box. Additionally, given that his heels strike the box now, it won’t be long before it’s his Achilles and I can’t bear to watch that regardless how much it does or does not seem to bother him.

From Rainforest Bouncer To Baby Bjorn BabySitter Bouncer.
The other day I took the leap and ordered a Baby Bjorn BabySitter Balance Bouncer in hopes of addressing the issues listed above. The Bjorn BabySitter folds flat which will be great for travel, it has several settings to allow baby to rest at different angles, it includes a toy bar (so does the Rainforest Bouncer) for entertainment and it looks damn good. What it lacks is vibration, but I figure now that he’s got some bulk behind him my son will be able to produce his own bounce. The bouncer hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ll be sure to provide a review once it does and we’ve had some time to put it through his paces. If anyone out there has experience with the BabySitter please let me know.

Click here to review or purchase the Baby Bjorn BabySitter Balance Bouncer.

People look at me funny when I tell them how old the Kidlet is

8lbs 2oz at birth isn’t a terribly large baby. It’s certainly not small, but in the grand scheme of large babies passing through small holes its not huge either. That said, at 9 weeks the size difference between the Kidlet and other children of similar age is… ahem… noticeable. After a checkup we’ve been reassured that there’s nothing to worry about, that despite his being in the 95th percentile for virtually every measurement there’s no need to consider restricted diet. Everything is fine. That said I think I’ll take a more active role in positioning him beside things that de-emphasize is stature, at least until college scouts are able to start checking him out.

So to you, lady in the street who asked Kidlet’s age then virtually recoiled in shock, I say save your horror for the true monsters :)

They’re out there. Surely they are. Leave the Kidlet alone.

Is he as frustrated with me as I am with him?

Absolutely. There is no question.

What frustrates me?

  • Lack of sleep
  • Kicking when I’m trying to wipe poo from his butt
  • Peeing on me in the middle of the night when I’m fumbling for a clean diaper or the wipes bucket, or the trash.
  • Not using his words (I mean come on, he’s almost 2.5 months
  • Screaming when there’s no obvious reason for screaming
  • Taking a dump in the bath when we’re seconds away from finishing
  • Possibility that he’ll be accepted by Harvard for undergrad and post grad studies but not qualify for a scholarship.

What frustrates him?

  • The fact that I’m an idiot and can’t get it through my thick head what he needs

I would give almost anything to understand clearly what he’s trying to tell me. There’s nothing worse than a baby screaming a scream that’s different than you’ve heard before. Screaming so loud and hard that he almost drives himself to choke. Screaming so hard that he can’t focus on your face, or anything for that matter and darts his gaze from point to point in panic. A baby screaming to the point that he’s sweating. A baby screaming so that you see tears for the first time.

What frustrates me? Nothing of importance… other than the fact that I can’t always understand what frustrates him.

Traveling with an infant on Westjet? You’ll be just fine. Hints for traveling by air with infants.

So we spent the last week on the other side of the country and we flew WestJet for this particular trip. This was our first trip with the little guy, and definitely the first time on a plane so we weren’t really sure what to expect. We spoke with friends about what advice they had for us based on their experience of traveling by air with babies and young children and the advice was good. Most of it we put into practice and I’ll outline that here for anyone who might benefit.

Before I get to the list let me say that the WestJet crew was great with us and made the trip as easy as it could have been. All were eager to help out, but us time when changing etc and generally making sure we were comfortable, aware of policies (in a friendly way) and happy.

    My takeaways from this trip:

  • Borrow as much as you possibly can. We arranged a ride to the airport with a friend who had a suitable car seat in his vehicle. On the other end we were able to arrange a loan of a car seat for use while in town. This saved us lugging a bulky car seat through the airport and worse, risking damage as it was stowed in the hold.
  • Wear your carrier. Keeping junior in the Bjorn while moving through the airport is huge. It frees up hands to do other things, as well as keeps him calm despite all the distractions and noises around him. Note that while the Bjorn was great for moving through the airport and getting on and off the plane it was not permitted during flight. More accurately it was not permitted during takeoff, landing or when the seat belt sign was on which means it really wasn’t practical during the flight. Note that I’ve heard some people get lucky and so were able to keep their child in the Bjorn for the duration of the flight, but based on our experience you shouldn’t count on it.
  • Bring a nursing pillow. My wife brought her nursing pillow as carry-on despite its size and it was well worth it. Given that the Bjorn was not allowed through the flight the nursing pillow provided a comfortable surface for our baby to sleep (we did not purchase a third seat), not to mention made things more comfortable for the person holding him the most.
  • Bring a changing pad. The washrooms do have a changing surface for your baby, but I question how clean those washrooms are. We had a properly sized changing pad that fit perfectly on the changing table in the plane restroom, and which also made the time more comfortable for our son.
  • Sit near the back and ask for window and aisle. The largest restroom on our plane was at the back, and additionally most people tend to avoid the back row of the plane. Sitting there with your baby will get you closer to the restroom when needed, limiting the need to guess when the line will be short. Additionally booking the two outside seats will mean that virtually every other available seat on the plane is more desirable than the one you’re guarding – the middle seat in the back row which doesn’t recline. Since you won’t be sleeping you won’t miss the ability to recline. We tried this strategy and it worked like a charm. We ended up with the middle seat open and the extra space was quite helpful.
  • Use the soother on takeoff. Pressurization is a problem especially if the little one is congested. If you can get him working the soother on takeoff and landing it should help limit the discomfort.

I’ll edit this post as I remember additional items that may be helpful, but at minimum I hope the items above prove helpful to some.

Diaper rash where you don’t expect it… and a solution that worked for us

Click here to review or purchase Desitin diaper rash ointment.

So we all hear about diaper rash and how miserable it can be for a child to experience. We’ve taken great care over the past 2 months to make sure that our little one doesn’t experience it and at the first signs of redness have taken steps to stop it before it can start. Or so we thought.

The other night during a change we noticed slight redness on either side of his penis that seemed to be giving him pain, particularly when urinating. After a quick search a number of sites suggested that we could be dealing with essentially diaper rash in the folds around the base caused by urine and some small amount of poo. This seemed to agree with his recent pattern of wet (only) diapers followed by less frequent, but more substantial than previous blowouts of number 2 which covered more surface area than was typical.

Anyway, after a short discussion with the pharmacist we were recommended Desitin diaper rash ointment with a checkup to the family doctor if things didn’t clear up. Fortunately they have. What has also become clear is that we have a whole lot of learning ahead of us…

Click here to review or purchase Desitin diaper rash ointment.

More recommendations for a baby nail trimmer

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A short while back I wrote about how trimming my little guy’s finger nails completely freaks me out and I’m just waiting for the day when I mess up and pinch is finger. Anyway, I heard from the folks over at the Baby Products Mommy Blog who had posted recently about the Buzz B. While I was, and remain somewhat hesitant to admit I can’t pull off nail trimming they assure me that the Buzz B will get the job done without screaming, crying or parental guilt.

If I can find one for a reasonable price here in Canada I’ll go for it, otherwise it’s a run for the border to pick up a Zo-li Buzz B Nail Trimmer from Amazon… though I will be giving the Safety 1st Prograde Gentle Vibes Nail Filer a look given its slightly better rating and lower price.

Until then I’ll continue to tie stupid little mittens on his hands before we put him down to sleep.

Click here to view the Zo-li Buzz B Nail Trimmer on Amazon