Unhappy Hipsters. A funny commentary on ‘modern’ design

I recall reading a few blogs recently wondering who was buying the many, many designer baby items that pop up on a regular basis and fill shop after shop in any major city. Who are these people? What do they look like, what do they do, where do they live?

I have to admit that I found myself in one of those shops this weekend and parted with cash in exchange for something justifiable more for the design and visual appeal than for its functionality. I’m a sucker. I admit it. I will work to prevent it from happening again.

Now, back to the questions in the first paragraph. I stumbled across a site today that I think does a pretty good job of answering them: Unhappy Hipsters :)

If you only read one post… make it this one: It was difficult to get through dinner with kids on their laps, but neither was willing to sully the Stokke high chair.

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