Babies aren’t quiet even when they’re quiet.

Here’s something else I didn’t know. I assumed that when babies weren’t screaming they generally sat pretty quietly or made quiet coo-ing noises, like on TV. That’s not how it works. In an attempt to save ourselves having to get out of bed to soothe our little one in the middle of the night we’ve set up a co-sleeping arrangement using the Cooshee Changer (see my previous take on that magical device) to keep him in place, and to keep us from rolling on top of him.

Here’s what I expected. When he woke up and was hungry or otherwise upset he’d scream bloody murder and one of us would soothe him with a finger or a pacifier, or if it was feeding time my wife would nurse until he’d had enough and would fall back to sleep. Wrong. Here’s the deal. Babies are crazy noisy whether they’re awake or asleep and ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT. Our little guy can sit in his bouncy chair asleep for hours in the afternoon and not make a sound. At night it’s all snorts, whistles and what sounds like congestion. The doctor says that everything’s fine and it’s normal, and from what I can tell that’s true as he doesn’t wake up at any point during these symphonies, but man, good luck sleeping through it if you’re the parent.

So, Dad’s out there who haven’t gone through this before, be warned. Sleep doesn’t mean silence, and you’ll hear some of the craziest noises you can imagine while trying to rest. My best piece of advice is to arrange alternate sleeping arrangements somewhere else in the house so you can manage a couple hours of rest and still function at the office. At first I was hesitant to do so, but soon kicked that concern to the curb.

Good luck :)

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