First of Many Product Reviews From a New Dad Who Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing.

Lime Green BabySmart Cooshee Changer

Click here to view the Cooshee BabySmart Changer on Amazon

So as I said, we recently welcomed a new addition to our family and I, like many new fathers was blissfully unaware of what I was in for. They say to treasure sleep before your baby arrives. They say it. And they mean it. I didn’t heed the warnings, at least not to the extent that I should have, and now I’ve joined the masses of parents doling out that bit of advice to the next crop that will ignore it.

Here’s another one. Get ready to spend way more money than you’d ever anticipated. Shocker.

Now for some real advice to the Dads out there that want to feel like they know what they’re talking about. It feels like every day someone is suggesting a product that we don’t have, or in all too many cases a slight variant of a product that we already do have. Fortunately we live in an apartment which provides a forcing factor in terms of what we can and cannot hoard so in many cases I’ve been able to avoid purchasing what seemed like a completely unnecessary item. That said, every so often there comes an item that in truth, will make your life as a new parent MUCH easier. The first such item on our list was the Cooshee BabySmart Changer.

This thing is awesome. It’s light… made of foam so you can carry it under your arm no problem. It’s easy to clean so if (when) something gets on it you can quickly wipe it down, or soap and rinse it in the tub. Based on our son’s reaction its pretty comfortable as he falls asleep on it with no issue. Best of all its simple. I can’t believe I’m writing a product review about a baby changer.

If you clicked the link above you’ll notice that while the different colors are the same size they vary widely in price. When we were researching the Cooshee Changer we found that some parents had issues with the Cooshee staining, and some colors were worse than others. Hence the price differences with the cheapest likely being the worst and hardest to sell. According to the forums I read when researching, the lime green BabySmart Cooshee Changer is the one to get, which we did, and thus far there is no indication of staining. Yes it’s more expensive, but ‘staining’ sounds gross and there’s nothing worse than spending money on something you’re not going to use. For more feedback you can check out reviews on Amazon here and you’ll see that where there are negative reviews they tend to be about the staining, not whether the product works. Get the lime green one!

Anyway, that’s my recommendation for this evening (ugh, I guess its actually morning). The BabySmart Cooshee Changer in lime green. Why? Comfortable. Simple. Light. Wipeable. Easy. Not gross.

Oh, one more thing. I tried to find one of these things in Canada and came up blank. What I ended up doing was buying it from and having it shipped to an address in the US where I picked it up. If you get a note from the recipient telling you that a MASSIVE box arrived don’t panic. They shipped it in a box the size of a dining room table surface but the actual Cooshee box inside will fit easily in any trunk or back seat.

Click here to view the Cooshee BabySmart Changer on Amazon

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