It’s Time For The Holiday Toy Ideas!

This time around I’ll start with a series of recommendations from one of my favourite tech sites, Engadget.

I’ll keep it pretty simple and just echo their list, and let it be known that I can’t vouch for these as I haven’t played with them myself, but figure there are some folks out there that may benefit from this as they begin their Holiday research.

Note, the links below will go to Amazon for price checks etc.

RC flying toys were the first on their list. A few folks gave really crappy versions of these away as secret santa gifts and despite the poor quality of those particular items we had a great time with them. I can only imagine how much fun a well-designed, well-built radio controlled flying toy could be.
WowWee LightStar
Havoc Heli RC Chopper

Tony Hawk Ride skateboard simulator. If you watch closely you’ll likely find some pretty good deals on this one. Most recently I saw it up as one of eBay’s daily deals.

What’s a 2009 toy list without mention of those Zhu Zhu pets? For those of you who haven’t seen them, I ask, where have you been? Word on the street is that Zhu Zhu pets are THE toy of 2009 although I’ll admit I’ve never seen one, and I don’t know anyone who’s purchased one for their kids.

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