A Year Of Lex. A Baby Photo A Day From Day 1 To 365.

Watching this video wasn’t as compelling as I thought it might be. The videos of adults taking day by day over the course of a year, or more spectacularly of pregnant mothers taken every day prior to birth both show noticeable and at times remarkable change. In the case of this baby, the change is (I guess not surprisingly) less obvious particularly without something present for scale.

Anyway, interesting nonetheless so have a look. Baby photographed every day for the first year of life.

Ambient Noise. Johnson And Johnson’s Soothing Sound Mixer. Tools For Better Sleep

I stumbled across this on RedFlagDeals this morning, originally posted because of the free lullaby offered on the site. What I found more interesting is the Soothing Sound Mixer (click Tools for a better sleep, top right) that lets you create your own background noise from a set of available sounds like rain falling, heartbeats, traffic among many other options. You can even mix various sounds together, control the volume, schedule a time for it to turn off, save and share your creations.

For those curious about the lullabies, they are Lullaby and Goodnight, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby, Rock-A-Bye Baby and All The Pretty Horses and can be found here.

Multicultural Learning On The Internet. You Could Read To Your Child… Or You Could Read In Jamaican Patois

This video turned a tolerable Friday afternoon into an exceptional one. What better way to spice up a classic Dr. Seuss story than to have it read to you with an accompanying video, and to have it read in Jamaican Patois!

Sure the story’s a little slow, but hey, that’s on the Dr.
Sure the storyteller stumbles a bit with the text, but I’ll chalk that up to making it his own.

All in all I consider this an entertaining win and hope you agree. Now if only they’d post a version of Oh The Places You’ll Go!