A Year Of Lex. A Baby Photo A Day From Day 1 To 365.

Watching this video wasn’t as compelling as I thought it might be. The videos of adults taking day by day over the course of a year, or more spectacularly of pregnant mothers taken every day prior to birth both show noticeable and at times remarkable change. In the case of this baby, the change is (I guess not surprisingly) less obvious particularly without something present for scale.

Anyway, interesting nonetheless so have a look. Baby photographed every day for the first year of life.

2 comments on “A Year Of Lex. A Baby Photo A Day From Day 1 To 365.

  1. I am sooooooooooo glad to see someone else other than me using disposable diapers. One of the ultimate ways to be green. I tell every expecting parent that cloth is the way to go. Hooray for you!!!!

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