My Wife And I Still Don’t Have Our Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair, Yet They’re Marketing Child-Sized Versions

designer furniture for your children... small versions of furniture you can't afford

Edit: Please see the first comment below for clarification on this post.

I’ve been eyeing an Eames lounge chair and ottoman for about 5 years now but haven’t been able to justify the purchase of one. One day, I keep telling myself… one day I’ll have one in the living room.

Well, it seems that some children don’t have to wait for “One day” as you can now buy child-sized versions of Eames and other designer furniture. On the one hand I look at this and think, ‘ that’s soo cool’ and on the other I seethe with jealous rage.

I suppose that if I can’t afford the original I could hopefully buy a pint-sized version and position it carefully in the room to downplay its size.

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Cocoon sleeping bag from Smallable looks comfy, but oddly insect-like

Is it just me or does the Violet cocoon sleeping bag by Baby Barolo look a little too much like a lawn grub? Via

Rocking Horse? Rocking Sheep

Also from Smallable check out the Saab Roadster by Playsam, Sibis Villa Doll House With Garden And Pool and the Black Rocking Sheep.

Yet another pedal car? Nope. A Saab pedal car

Bloesem Kids posted about doodle bread… which creeps me out a bit. I think they should take it to the next level so you can bake bread with your likeness inside. Here’s a video:

100 Things Your Child Will Never Experience posted a list of 100 things your kid will never know about, and on reading through there were actually a few that I had to think twice about. Embarrassing I know, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

The list can be in the GeekDad area of Wired here.

The ones I had to think about a bit were:
– Rotary dial televisions with no remote control. You know, the ones where the kids were the remote control.
– The buzz of a dot-matrix printer

On a completely unrelated note have a look at this incredible solar eclipse photo taken last night (not by me).

Good times.

NasoPure. It Gets The Gross Out. Nasal Irrigation For The Whole Family

Found this posted over at Thinkamababy and I found the video a bit troubling. Not the idea of nasal irrigation per se, but rather the expressions and slack jaw of many of the participants. If I didn’t know better I’d think the process lulled one into a stupor of sorts.

Apparently the implement used is called a Neti Pot and has been around for a while, however this is new to me so I’d be curious a) whether anyone out there has used a neti pot or NasoPure specifically and b) whether its as easy as it seems in the video below?