Putumayo. You’ve Seen The CDs At Starbucks. Now You Can Follow The Blog

Putumayo kids will expose your kids to world music and culture in a safe, pleasant musical environment

I’m sure many of you have come across albums from the Putumayo series at one time or another, those world music compilation CDs with the colorful covers and fun artwork. While I see them all the time I have to admit that I haven’t listened to many of them. The one exception would be the Caribbean Party album which was quite good, and whose selection of tracks was far less generic than I’d expected for this type of compilation album.

Anyway, it seems the Putumayo series has really taken to the web of late. My initial online contact was through a link to their new blog, but quickly turned to the Putumayo Kids website. The number of available children’s albums is actually quite extensive and could serve as an interesting gift option next time you need to pick up something small on your way to visit friends.
Example albums at Amazon here.

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