Automation To The Rescue, Indoor Robot Baby Carriages!

Remember the gold plated rocket car we were promised as kids? Well it looks like it's arrived for us in time to be parents

So from what I can tell this robot baby carriage promises to keep your baby happy and comfortable while you and your spouse are taking care of routine tasks around the home. From the BMGK Co Ltd website you’ll find it promises to:

  • provide a comfortable chair from which your baby can watch you work

  • provide an equally comfortable cradle when junior falls asleep
  • act as a swing when baby wakes up. Oddly the swing isn’t in a pendulum motion but rather what they describe as a horizontal sliding motion. Weird
  • provide a ‘maneuvering’ mode that as far as I can tell is very roomba-like and moves around the room without hitting furniture. Hopefully it knows what stairs are as well
  • clean up easily, allow you to move it manually and hold a charge for over 3 days

I don’t know about this one. If anyone’s had an opportunity to try one out I’d love to know how it works. If it lives up to the promises then the $500.00 price tag may be a steal.

Found over at The Daily What

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