Parenting Links Or Cleaning Out The Bookmarks

forget model planes and trains for your child, why not let them ply the waters in a working supertanker

Spring is turning to summer so there’s no better time than the present to teach your kids about plants and gardening. Don’t have a backyard or proper garden? No worries, check out Inhabitots’ post on Leafy Wonders’ Mini Garden Kit.

We’re all somewhat obsessed about our health and what we eat… often to the point of being unhealthy. UrbanBabyBuzz posted a quick review of “Feed the Belly,” a book of 70 recipes designed to address cravings and satisfy nutritional needs before and during pregnancy. I’m not recommending the book as I haven’t read it, but hey, maybe its worth a look. While on the topic of books, why not take a peek at Momnesia posted via CoolMomPicks.

Elephants and dominoes… born to be together? Via MyMomShops. It seems that Elephants aren’t the only african creatures made out of wood… CoolMomPicks posted about this wooden giraffe toy set not long ago. In fact I don’t see why the two shouldn’t be matched. You could easily haul those dominoes in the giraffe’s slick trailer.

Some kids like sailboats, others lust after canoes or speedboats. Something tells me there’s a kid or two here in Vancouver that might enjoy the chance to pilot one of those huge tankers that anchor out in English Bay… and it seems a lucky few might get a chance. Check out the Replica Oil Supertankers posted over at LikeCool! Man. I’d love to give one of these a shot.

Unique Clothes For Your Son / Daughter? Stimulating Decor For The Kids’ Room? Done And Done

Decals bring a child's room to life with color and interest.

Just a quick post to clear out some of the bookmarks and starred items I’ve gathered from various places over the past couple weeks. Apologies if you’ve already seen some of these!

Colors, colors everywhere. There were a few posts recently that featured very bold colors on both clothes and room decor recently. First up, a line of children’s clothing called Polka that was featured over at Junior Society. Sure the colors may give you headaches in time, but man, at least you know you won’t lose your son/daughter in a crowd!

The second example comes from OhDeeDo with one of their nursery tours, in this case a room with an incredible chocolate brown wall accented with a “dot mural” growing out of, and accenting one of the great furniture pieces they’ve selected. I’m not sure if those are decals or what, but the contrast between the dots and the chocolate brown paint is fantastic.

Putumayo. You’ve Seen The CDs At Starbucks. Now You Can Follow The Blog

Putumayo kids will expose your kids to world music and culture in a safe, pleasant musical environment

I’m sure many of you have come across albums from the Putumayo series at one time or another, those world music compilation CDs with the colorful covers and fun artwork. While I see them all the time I have to admit that I haven’t listened to many of them. The one exception would be the Caribbean Party album which was quite good, and whose selection of tracks was far less generic than I’d expected for this type of compilation album.

Anyway, it seems the Putumayo series has really taken to the web of late. My initial online contact was through a link to their new blog, but quickly turned to the Putumayo Kids website. The number of available children’s albums is actually quite extensive and could serve as an interesting gift option next time you need to pick up something small on your way to visit friends.
Example albums at Amazon here.

Here are some related Putumayo links:
Official Putumayo Site
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via Boing Boing

Rubber Bandit Solid Wood Rubber Band Gun

I remember building rubber band guns as a kid, though they were hardly identifiable as guns. They tended to look move like sticks that occasionally managed to shoot an elastic in the general direction of my target.

I suspect that the Rubber Bandit will manage a more convincing gun imitation than my homebrew attempts. If only I knew of a local shop that stocked them… I’d love to give one of these babies a try.

Rubber Bandit. A relatively save gun mimic for your kids. Hey, you'll be less likely to shoot your eye out

Found at LikeCool

Automation To The Rescue, Indoor Robot Baby Carriages!

Remember the gold plated rocket car we were promised as kids? Well it looks like it's arrived for us in time to be parents

So from what I can tell this robot baby carriage promises to keep your baby happy and comfortable while you and your spouse are taking care of routine tasks around the home. From the BMGK Co Ltd website you’ll find it promises to:

  • provide a comfortable chair from which your baby can watch you work

  • provide an equally comfortable cradle when junior falls asleep
  • act as a swing when baby wakes up. Oddly the swing isn’t in a pendulum motion but rather what they describe as a horizontal sliding motion. Weird
  • provide a ‘maneuvering’ mode that as far as I can tell is very roomba-like and moves around the room without hitting furniture. Hopefully it knows what stairs are as well
  • clean up easily, allow you to move it manually and hold a charge for over 3 days

I don’t know about this one. If anyone’s had an opportunity to try one out I’d love to know how it works. If it lives up to the promises then the $500.00 price tag may be a steal.

Found over at The Daily What

Deals, Deals, Deals At Gymboree!

Gymboree is having a 30% off sale off everything you can fit in your bag. Don’t believe me? Check out the Gymboree Homepage here.

Not only that, but if you’re shopping online rather than in person the discount will be applied to your card (see the fine print on the banner). PLUS, free shipping on purchases over $100 and something about GymBucks if you’re registered for them.

Found over at