Young Child Allowed To Play With An Alligator (Crocodile?)

If this video of a young girl sitting on / playing with a live alligator didn’t result in her being rescued from her parents there is something wrong with this country. Note, I’m assuming that is in fact a live alligator / crocodile.

Japanese Television Goes One Step Too Far

I’m a huge fan of Japanese game shows… I could watch those things for hours. The creativity is mindblowing, the sets are hilarious and the lack of obvious concern for pending legal action is a thing of beauty.

That said, the video below takes television entertainment a couple steps too far. The program seems to be modeled after the Home Alone series starring McCauley Caulkin (or however you spell it) in that it films a few children who are made to believe their neighborhood is being attacked by zombies. Whereas in their shoes I would have hid under a bed or something stupid like that these kids take up arms and bring the pain to their zombie attackers. Good on them, but shame on the producers of the program.

As seen at Thingamababy

Gloomy Bear Arm Pillows. Back On The Market, But Only In Korea?

A couple years back I was looking for a somewhat ‘unique’ gift to send to friends and acquaintances. I pride myself on being able to find interesting items online to send to others, and I considered this particular case a huge win. The item in question was a Gloomy Bear arm pillow. I bought 3, shortly after which both Vancouver stores that carried them sold out.

Gloomy Bear, for those of you not familiar is the product of a Japanese graphic designer named Mori Chack. I chose to overlook the fact that the claws have blood on them and rather expect that recipients would enjoy the uniqueness instead of dwell on the details :)

Who got them and what were their reactions?

My accountant
Reaction: Laughter to the point of tears.
Long term assessment: No idea. I will be following up to pay him for this years’ services and plan to inquire into both his daughter, and his wife’s reactions.

Former co-worker & children
Reaction: Surprise and mild concern which I attribute to the fact that he has several children at home and promises to lead to a significant amount of chasing and unintended destruction.
Long term assessment: Not applicable. Within 3 hours of the parcel being opened the aforementioned children proceeded to race through the house destroying everything in their path as predicted. Unfortunately I had not considered the added confusion / aggression / destructive power resulting from the addition of two rather large dogs added to the mix. As a result in this case the limited edition Gloomy Bear arm pillow lasted roughly 4 happy, joy-filled hours.

My takeaway? If I ever see these things available in a store again I’m buying as many as I can reasonably afford because kids LOVE them (and I don’t mind them either).