Gloomy Bear Arm Pillows. Back On The Market, But Only In Korea?

A couple years back I was looking for a somewhat ‘unique’ gift to send to friends and acquaintances. I pride myself on being able to find interesting items online to send to others, and I considered this particular case a huge win. The item in question was a Gloomy Bear arm pillow. I bought 3, shortly after which both Vancouver stores that carried them sold out.

Gloomy Bear, for those of you not familiar is the product of a Japanese graphic designer named Mori Chack. I chose to overlook the fact that the claws have blood on them and rather expect that recipients would enjoy the uniqueness instead of dwell on the details :)

Who got them and what were their reactions?

My accountant
Reaction: Laughter to the point of tears.
Long term assessment: No idea. I will be following up to pay him for this years’ services and plan to inquire into both his daughter, and his wife’s reactions.

Former co-worker & children
Reaction: Surprise and mild concern which I attribute to the fact that he has several children at home and promises to lead to a significant amount of chasing and unintended destruction.
Long term assessment: Not applicable. Within 3 hours of the parcel being opened the aforementioned children proceeded to race through the house destroying everything in their path as predicted. Unfortunately I had not considered the added confusion / aggression / destructive power resulting from the addition of two rather large dogs added to the mix. As a result in this case the limited edition Gloomy Bear arm pillow lasted roughly 4 happy, joy-filled hours.

My takeaway? If I ever see these things available in a store again I’m buying as many as I can reasonably afford because kids LOVE them (and I don’t mind them either).

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