Next Time Your Kid Asks For Something Just Because The Neighbor Kids Don’t Have One

Consider showing up with one of these.
There’s something terrifying about this little fella that will forever prevent me from following my own advice, but if you’re in the mood to try your hand at a Kangaroo rat (at least that’s what I’m told this thing is) then please let me know how it goes.

Oh, and take a photo of your kid when they first lay eyes on it :)

From the Daily What

What’s A Baby Yuppie? Buppie? If Your Kid Has One Of These She Is One

Found at, we have the BMW Baby Racer II… a child’s ‘toy’ that’s miles cooler than anything my wife or I currently drive. On the one hand its a nicely designed toy… but on the other it feels wrong considering a shiny BMW for a child who doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) care less.

BMW baby racer II for the yuppie in your child

Have A Craving For Dueling Banjos Without The Deliverance?

I was surprised to see Steve Martin on American Idol last night playing the banjo of all things. Thinking it was a rare occasion, or something I was seeing for the first time I went online and checked YouTube. Sure enough there are numerous videos of him playing the banjo going waaaay back in time.

This one in particular caught my attention. I’ve always loved the Muppet Show, and after a couple minutes I actually started to remember watching this episode as a kid. At the time I had no idea who Steve Martin is (or what a banjo was for that matter) but I definitely remember the episode.

Steve Martin: Dueling Banjos

Random Links For A Thursday

Winkler and Noah Puppet Show dolls from

Ultrasound via cellphone from The Daily What

Fun peanut butter and jelly soap set from Rare Bird Finds

Custom comic invitations from Cool Mom Picks

Great wall butterflies from Baby Gadget

Stylish rocking horse from Baby Gadget

Bubblegum cocktail weenies from Rare Bird Finds

Kidlandia. Website That Let’s Kids Create And Print Custom Maps

Ok, here’s how it works. Your little one chooses a map from the set of available maps on the site. Once your child has selected her map, she enters a number of different attributes to customize the map to her experience. For example, ruler’s name, gender, title, birthday, as well as names of other friends or family to appear on the map. From there you create an account and make your purchase.

Is $39.95 too much for a produced, canvas version of the map she created? Probably not if the quality is good… but I leave that to you.


Where The Wild Things Are. Ok For Children?

So I heard that the initial cut of Where the Wild Things Are was deemed too much for kids when the entire theater of children screening it left terrified. Likely a reasonable assessment.

Based on the video below I suspect that the current version may still be a bit much for some children. Spike Jonze. Where the Wild Things Are.