So When’s This Weak Economy Going To Produce Strong Deals?

If you ask me, we’re already seeing it. Just did a quick review of Amazon’s deal section and found the following as a small selection of what’s out there:

Discovery Exclusive Rainbow in my Room

Discovery Exclusive Ready Set Learn! Jump & Dance Music Mat

Fisher-Price Elmo’s Restaurant (26% off)

Diaper Bags From Skip Hop (25% off)

Based on what I’m reading this may only be the beginning. On the one hand good news as we all find ‘good deals’ online, while at the same time terrifying for what it represents to the economy.

Please don’t forget about the / deals available to those of you located in the US with US eBay accounts. Just search for a product on and click on the eBay result link with the “Live Search cashback” text beside it. You’ll have a limited amount of time to purchase a buy it now item on the site and in 60 days you’ll be credited the amount of the discount to your PayPal account. As I write this the discount is 25% which should certainly help with your Holiday shopping needs. Enjoy!

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