Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour. Is It Coming To Your Town?

Vinyl Cafe Pic: Vinyl cafe holiday series with stuart mclean is the perfect early gift for the family.

This is a post primarily for the Canadians who visit this site, but there will be a New York stop for the Christmas tour, and stops in Maine for the Christmas series.

Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe stories have been a favourite of mine for a year. Something about his voice, and the stories take me back to when I was much younger… one of those comfort things that I try not to miss each week.

I attended last December’s series and loved it. While it was very different from listening on the radio, or via podcast I absolutely loved sitting back and listening to the music and stories live.

If you aren’t familiar with Stuart McLean or the Vinyl Cafe I encourage you to download or subscribe to the Vinyl Cafe podcast here. I assure you that not only is it child friendly, but your kids will love the stories, especially the Christmas classic involving Dave and the turkey.

Those of you in Canada can have a look at the tour locations and dates here to book your seat.

Vinyl Cafe is also available on CD and in book form from online or local booksellers.


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