Pramulator Baby Carriage. A Baby Stroller Guaranteed Way To Stand Out. No Matter Where You Live.

Pramulator Pic: Pramulator is a weird cross between a baby carriage and a shiny silver airstream trailer

Forget those flashy modern $2000 strollers and hippy slings, Neatorama has the answer for the parents wanting a unique solution to baby care. Some guy named John Knott came up with the Pramulator, which they compare to an airstream trailer crossed with a baby carriage. I can see that, however I’m going to take a modern-retro approach in describing it as a cross between an old school baby carriage (those white tires need hundred spoke wheels) and a Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang in chrome.

Biggest concern when looking at this thing is that little arch behind the baby’s head. I know that pic looks like its from the 50s or something… back when there were no rules and kids played with razor blades, but shouldn’t that thing be ringed with padding?

Here it is, the Pramulator

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