Next Up? The Holidays.

Night Walker Flashlight Pic: Night walker flashlight allows you to see in front and where your feet are going at the same time.

Now that Halloween’s over I fully expect to be barraged by Holiday music when I set foot inside shops November 1. Sad I know, but I figure my mood will be better if I just accept it and move on.

In the spirit of personal mental health I’ll move forward in step with a few links for the weekend.

First up is from Cool Mom Picks with their Safer Toy Guide. With all the recalls flying around these days I think you’d be well served to take a moment to review this one. By way of Parent Hacks.

I remember being freaked out by nutcrackers as a kid. Not by any risk they posed to me personally, but by the creepy expression on that soldier guy’s face. To be honest they still kind of creep me out. Rare Bird Finds offers up a nerdy alternative that appears to my Vulcan side with their post on Star Trek Nutcrackers which sadly I know for a fact my wife would never allow on the mantle. Live Long and Eat Almonds.

Finally, and frankly this might have been more useful leading up to Halloween, LikeCool provides a link to the NightWalker flashlight which includes the basic light facing directly forward as well two downward facing LEDs to help you watch your step. Yeah, I definitely screwed up on this one… I wish I’d found this one well before Halloween.

And that folks, is all for October 31. I’m jetlagged, cranky and in need of real food. I hope you had a happy Halloween!

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