Resource For Answering The Question: How Do I?

I’m sure you remember that kid at school who’s parents always seemed to have the answers to everything. Want to go kayaking? No problem, Gary’s father will build kayaks this summer out of fiberglass. Need a volcano for science fair, no worries, his dad will build one out of clay and a myriad of questionable chemicals. And you know what, without fail they always worked.

If you’re like me you don’t have a chance of playing this role on your own. Thankfully Monkey See may be able to save your butt in a pinch.

I expect more than one of you are on the hook for creating that perfect look with Halloween makeup this year or other seasonal tips. No problem, have a look at these clips:
How To Create Witch Halloween Makeup
How To Create Vampire Halloween Makeup
How To Dress Your Dog
How To Carve A Pumpkin

How about general parenting topics? Yup they have those too:
How To Childproof Your Kitchen
How To Diaper A Baby
How To Build A Perfect Nursery
How To Potty Train Your Child

If you really want to impress the kids you’ll want to give these ones a try.

I’ll leave you to discover the other tips and tricks to impress family, friends and most importantly your kids.

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