Recalled Toys, Games And Other Children’s Items

Warning photo: Keep up to date with children's product recalls to ensure that you kids are not playing with dangerour or otherwise recalled items.

It’s that time again. Time to list the toys, games, furniture and other miscellaneous items sold under the pretense of being fun for your kids, when in fact they pose serious risk. Recall time.

This post we have:
Speed Boats by Dollar General: burn hazard

Playset Gliders by Backyard Play Systems: fall hazard

Science Kit Bar Magnets by Home Science Tools: lead hazard

Baby Walkers by My Way: fall hazard

Convertible Cribs by Playkids USA: suffocation hazard

Drop Side Cribs by Delta Enterprise: entrapment and suffocation hazard

Rage Wireless Gaming Guitar by Performance Designed Products: chemical burn risk

Girls Sandals by Rack Room Shoes: choking hazard

Didj Custom Gaming System Rechargeable Batteries by Leapfrog Enterprises: burn hazard

Be sure to keep up with recent recalls to ensure your children continue to play safely.

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