Etsy Fabric Baby Halloween Costumes

For those of you partial to the homemade approach rather than the mass market productions, consider Etsy for something the other kids are less likely to have.

Etsy seller Madhelmeteer has some great crocheted animal hats to provide a costume while keeping your child’s head warm.

Personal favourites include the Dino Baby, Roar With Courage and the tusked Elephant. While appropriate for Halloween I can see these being super popular for everyday use.

Prehistoric children's crochet hat would make a great Halloween costume for your child.

Lion hat makes a great costume for your children this season.

Etsy wool felt tusked elephant provides a talking point for your kid this year.

Etsy seller Funnyfinn comes through with a few fleece animal hat options as well.

Here my personal favourites are the Giraffe Helmet and the Monkey Helmet.

Fleece giraffe is a comfortable giraffe.

Fleece monkey is a comfortable monkey

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