Bedroom Decoration From An Etsy Favourite

YankeeDoodled Etsy art store. Great pieces for your home or for the children's room. Robots, aquatic life and scenery. Creative, unique art pieces.

So you’ve got a couple rooms in that new house whose walls are ‘lacking’ a little something. I’ve got an artist for you over at Etsy, and these pieces will be perfect whether its your room that needs decorating, or the kids’.

The seller is Yankeedoodled and they’ve been featured here before in one of the earlier cephalopod posts.

This time around we’ll give them an exclusive and provide a taste of some of my favourite pieces.

Of the currently available pieces my favourite is definitely BOT which shouldn’t surprise anyone given the previous robot paintings and sculptures that have been featured. I like, and so will your children… that I pretty much guarantee.

Along the robot vein are Blue Eye and Until Death Do I Part… the single eye in the first is sure to arouse the little ones’ curiosity while the gold tooth on UDDIP tugs at my old school heart strings.

The other pieces I’ll mention are the ones that got me thinking back to my days keeping tropical fish. If you have kids who love to visit the local aquarium you’ll want to have a look at Jellies, Jellies II, Jellies III and That’s Bull Kelp which, I’d consider as a set if space and budget allows.

Ok, enough of my swooning over these pieces. If you want to see more, get over to YankeeDoodled. I need to get back to work so I can afford to get a couple myself.

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