Get The Kids Ready For Halloween. You Have Your Halloween Costumes… Now For Halloween Decorations.

It is the season to be scary. Halloween is here and bat photos are perfect for children's crafts.

This one is thanks to Swiss Miss and includes some of the most fascinating bat images I’ve ever seen, not to mention the monkeys and lizards.

Intrigued yet?

The artist’s name is Tim Flach and right from the outset you’ll see that the imagery is something special with the dog walking at random across the screen… from below.

Unfortunately this is yet another Flash site so deep linking isn’t possible. You’ll have to just browse for yourself, but here are some previews of a couple of my Halloween-themed favourites.

Scare the kids with these halloween photos.

These frightening halloween photos will scare the neighbourds

Print these halloween photos for the kids to decorate the house

Its halloween and these photos will give you decorations for the children.

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