Jumping The Baby Accessory Shark

Jenna Jameson baby and nursery accessories. Your kid doesn't know what she does... at least hope they don't.

If this were true I’d consider the shark jumped. Gallery of the Absurd has this clever post suggesting that everyone’s favourite Pornstar Jenna Jameson is starting a baby accessory and apparel collection. Best part is I would have no trouble believing this if it were posted to a more legitimate news source.

Worse… I’d have no trouble believing that it turned out to be a HUGE seller.

Even freakin worse… I’d have to move when I saw hordes of young mothers making a run on Jenna Jameson gear for their children all over Vancouver. You know it would happen… I’m right, right?


- HARD WOOD crib in mohogany finish
- RUBBER PORN duckie mobile with sparkling crystal Jenna medalion
- THE FLUFFER baby blankie
- SQUEEZABLE PORN duckie with charming oversized bill
- Learn-to-spell blocks

Come to think of it… this stuff would make great gag baby gifts. If I had the cash laying around I might make a run at this one myself.

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