New Butt Freckle Toys For Kids!!

How much trouble can your child get in playing with a plush butt freckle.

Yeah, me neither.

Cinnamon Toast Butt Freckle. If I found this on my cinnamon toast someone would hear about it.
Atom Ant Butt Freckle. Is plush really the right term for these hairy beasts?
Marvin Moss Butt Freckle. As seen on cheese.
I Dunno, You Tell Me Butt Freckle.
Panty Hose Butt Freckle.
Overlord Red Minion Butt Freckle.
Chewie Butt Freckle. Check it out, he’s got dandruff.
Spinach Dip Kitty. Sorry, I had to post it.

Lol… chewie butt freckle. Awesome.

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