Friday Plush Cephalopod Post

Friday toy octopus post features a stumpy octopus puppet.

Plush toy time with the usual Friday theme.
Most of these are from Etsy, and I’ll add to the list if I stumble across more this evening.

I’ve had a couple people ask my why I keep posting about children’s plush toys modeled after squid, octopus and their cousins… the only answer is that I find them incredibly interesting. Surpassed only by ants… so consider yourselves lucky that I don’t post every Friday about ant-shaped toys!

Huge Camo Squid toy.
Stumpy little yarn octopus toy. Angel octopus amigurumi.
43″ Big Al knitted ugly squid toy. $395… woah.
Shifty Eyed Squid crocheted toy. 22″ long.
Super stumpy crocheted toy octopus
Plastic resin octopus reminds me of a toy I had as a kid.

On a slightly different path, here’s a squid and its predator, a sperm whale. Let it be known that the quality of this piece does not impress me :)

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