Would You Take A Young Child To A Concert Not Specifically Tailored To Children?

I spent some time at a concert this weekend (Dave Matthews)… an outdoor concert in a natural setting, but one that had some serious volume to it nonetheless. There were no homes or businesses for miles, so no need to temper the experience with reduced noise.

There were kids at this concert. Understand that this was not an event geared toward children, however many adults brought their kids along anyway to ‘experience’ it for themselves. From what I saw ages ranged into the teens, all the way down to babies no more than a few months old.

This is something I saw at Caribana earlier this summer as well, though at Caribana the children were at least as young and the volumes near the big trucks twice as loud.

Surely this can’t be good for a child’s ears… and must be generally overwhelming to them as well. I wonder if studies have been done on the longterm impacts to a kid’s hearing resulting from attendance at concerts from an early age. It just seems wrong to me.

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