What’s Hot For The Holidays?

DCTO vinyl object helps your kids set goals and reach them. Consider it a reminder for your child.

Ok, ok, so I know it’s way too early to start thinking about the holidays, but screw it… time to get a head start.

I’ll keep the gifts real generic. Won’t matter if you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus etc. I’m hoping these suggestions for children’s Holiday gifts will be suitable in all cases.

I’ll admit this first one is borderline. The cigarette probably removes it from most lists, but hopefully Mr. Kozik will find it in himself to create one without the smoke. Made of fiberglass this 15″ smorkin labbit offers a limited edition, stylish seat for your kid’s room. In this case it may be more suitable to a college age child than someone in kindergarten, but I’ll leave that to you. Like I said, maybe somewhat inappropriate for some kids, but it will definitely give them the thrill of having something their friends can only lust after. Ahem… $1,000.

This one’s a bit more child appropriate. The DCTO (Dreams Come True Object) project offers these simple figures based on the ancient Japanese legend of Daruma. What’s the story? Well, apparently you’re supposed to set a goal and colour in the left eye when you get the figure home. Once you’ve accomplished the goal you set you get to colour in the other eye… seems like an appropriate give for that child of any age with a challenge in their future. Can you think of a kid that doesn’t fit that description?

Bonus: The thing acts as a weeble… if you knock the DCTO over it will right itself automatically.

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