Baby Toy Link List For A Tuesday

Hushamok baby sling provides a child's hammock for your relaxed baby.

Just a few children’s items to post right now that I’d bookmarked on the weekend.

First, let’s start with a “Sale” page, if only because I was looking at Sparkability and noticed that they had a sale page. You can find diaper bags, crib bedding, mobiles, baby shower kits and journals on sale here (I expect these to expire over time of course).

Also from Sparkability is this “Hushamok baby hammock. I think the reason it caught my attention is that it is less intrusive than others I’ve seen. The structure is simple and lacks all the extra bells, whistles and colours that busy-up so many other child-focused items. This might be a particularly good / stylish addition for those of you with smaller condos that lack a dedicated baby room and don’t wish to clutter your living room with stuffed hippos and thick plastic constructions.

Genius Jones offers up these “Baby Lounges” to keep your little one comfortable and your home simple and stylish. Not sure why that’s such a theme today… but it is. The upside is that many of these look great and should blend with any modern decor… the bad side is that you’re going to pay for that style… that said, if you deserve your Herman Miller lounge chair, shouldn’t your baby have one too?

I guess that’s all for now. More to come later.

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