Back To School. Back To Blogging.

Pray that your child will become sexy, but not sexy enough for this list.

I keep forgetting to post out of office notes on this blog when I’m going to be away. My bad.

Just a few quick links until I regain my footing.

Popular Baby Products provides a link to Quote The Walls, a site offering vinyl words in various fonts tailored to the rooms in your home. While generally a bit cheesy, I have seen this done to good effect in a friend’s child’s room.

Foods that taste great to kids but that don’t win over many adults. Examples? Fun Dip, KFC, Pop Tarts, Candy Cigarettes and Fig Newtons. I agree with him on most of these, however KFC has a place at the table one day out of 365… and then only after having chilled for a night in the refrigerator. I would add White Spot hamburgers to the list, and include what I believe to be true, that there is a child-addictive substance in the triple-O sauce that entraps children and brings them back as adults.

Sexy People. This site has nothing to do with children other than to serve as a warning to parents… any photos you take of your children could come back to haunt them. It’s the internet… get used to it.

Adiri natural… because it looks like it *SHOULD work.

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