928th And 940th Most Awesome Things

Foods kids love will always be remembered.

#928 is apparently eating things you loved as a kid while #940 is terrible businesses run by children. I have to say that I agree with the first but not with the second. Why? Well, regarding the first my favourite foods as a child were pizza, spaghetti, fish and chips, jamaican patties and hamburgers… each of which maintained its awesomeness in my mind until the present day.

As for the child-run businesses… I have a hard time thinking of any horrible child run businesses I’ve encountered. Even when the product or the location sucked the cuteness factor pretty much guaranteed that the little guys would be successful. Hard to argue with that kind of fallback plan.

Halloween Costumes Gone Bad

This is a strange one even for a kids blog like this

This post strays a bit from the baby / child focus of this blog… but what the heck. Variety is the spice of life, right? Anyway, you know those parents that let their kids wear Halloween costumes all year round? I dedicate this post to them.

Given Halloween is right around the corner I found this post over at Boing Boing particularly interesting and at the same time frightening. I suggest you keep the cow costume in the closet this year.

She wore the costume again when she appeared for sentencing.

… I’m just sayin…

Photo found on Flickr here.

How Did People Find Their Way To KidletNation In September?

Time for the monthly review of the strange and wonderful keywords you used to find your way to KidletNation. My expectation this month is that these will be just as weird as last month’s terms.

cool baby clothes
felt taxidermy
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baby monitor privacy
plush taxidermy
where does milk come from
“ikea mobile” + “baby”
“wipe me booty”
+pokemon +removable +wall +decals
alternative to crocs for kids
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crocs alternative
deer portraits
farting rhino stuffed
how do you teach children about caves?
how many kids is enough
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There are more… but that gives you a taste… and seriously “farting rhino stuffed?” What’s wrong with you guys?

Etsy Fabric Baby Halloween Costumes

For those of you partial to the homemade approach rather than the mass market productions, consider Etsy for something the other kids are less likely to have.

Etsy seller Madhelmeteer has some great crocheted animal hats to provide a costume while keeping your child’s head warm.

Personal favourites include the Dino Baby, Roar With Courage and the tusked Elephant. While appropriate for Halloween I can see these being super popular for everyday use.

Prehistoric children's crochet hat would make a great Halloween costume for your child.

Lion hat makes a great costume for your children this season.

Etsy wool felt tusked elephant provides a talking point for your kid this year.

Etsy seller Funnyfinn comes through with a few fleece animal hat options as well.

Here my personal favourites are the Giraffe Helmet and the Monkey Helmet.

Fleece giraffe is a comfortable giraffe.

Fleece monkey is a comfortable monkey

Crack-Up Halloween Costumes For Kids

Time for another set of Halloween costumes for the kids around your house. I’ve managed to remember to bookmark a few that I stumbled across over the weekend.

Mullins Square Lobster Costume
This costume is pretty harmless… the standard “awwwwww so cute” baby costume. To take it a step further consider throwing some pillows in a large crock pot and using it as your baby’s cradle for the evening.
Mullins Square lobster costume will have your child as the focus of attention.

Princess Leia Baby Costume
Calling all Star Wars nerds… this costume will let you honour your favourite Princess while also providing a great photo opp for your infant’s early Halloween scrapbook. Sure to embarrass them for years to come, how can you go wrong?
Leia costume will have your child as the focus of attention.

Whoopie Cushion Baby Costume
This one seems all-too fitting. Frequently smelly baby and topical, flatulent whoopie cushion. Even without the requisite odour everyone will understand the humour here.
Whoopie Cushion costume seems strangely appropriate.

Terrifying Octobaby Costume
This one’s a little creepy, and made even more troubling by the use of a plastic doll in the photo. I recommend this one for the sci-fi parents out there. Dress your kid as a little cthulhu and revel in the inside joke.
If you're looking to creep people out the Octobaby costume might be the halloween costume for your child.

Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey Baby Costume
Some may find it tasteless, but I proclaim this to be pure genius. Seriously. Whatever your family preference for meals around the holidays, consider dressing your children up to match the meal… I love this one!
Tasteless Thanksgiving turkey costume for your baby or infant. Disgust the neighbours or crack yourself up

Bedroom Decoration From An Etsy Favourite

YankeeDoodled Etsy art store. Great pieces for your home or for the children's room. Robots, aquatic life and scenery. Creative, unique art pieces.

So you’ve got a couple rooms in that new house whose walls are ‘lacking’ a little something. I’ve got an artist for you over at Etsy, and these pieces will be perfect whether its your room that needs decorating, or the kids’.

The seller is Yankeedoodled and they’ve been featured here before in one of the earlier cephalopod posts.

This time around we’ll give them an exclusive and provide a taste of some of my favourite pieces.

Of the currently available pieces my favourite is definitely BOT which shouldn’t surprise anyone given the previous robot paintings and sculptures that have been featured. I like, and so will your children… that I pretty much guarantee.

Along the robot vein are Blue Eye and Until Death Do I Part… the single eye in the first is sure to arouse the little ones’ curiosity while the gold tooth on UDDIP tugs at my old school heart strings.

The other pieces I’ll mention are the ones that got me thinking back to my days keeping tropical fish. If you have kids who love to visit the local aquarium you’ll want to have a look at Jellies, Jellies II, Jellies III and That’s Bull Kelp which, I’d consider as a set if space and budget allows.

Ok, enough of my swooning over these pieces. If you want to see more, get over to YankeeDoodled. I need to get back to work so I can afford to get a couple myself.

Pay Attention To What You Feed Your Kids. Maybe Even Occasional Treats Should Be Reconsidered.

Don't feed your kids this kind of unhealthy food. Consider organic.

I generally eat pretty well, though like most others I indulge myself in the occasional treat. While personally McDonalds doesn’t factor into that list of indulgences, I know that many a child gets more than an occasional Happy Meal craving.

A recent post over at Boing Boing will likely change your mind about giving in. Some lady has apparently saved a McDonald’s hamburger for 12 years (I know what you’re thinking) and you can hardly tell its not fresh. Her 1996 hamburger has somehow preserved itself, meat, bun and all without any apparent ill effects.

I pity the children whose parents take advantage of dollar menus and such… kids who need to somehow extract nutrients from crap like this in order to grow up “big and strong.”

Sure, this may have been faked, but is it worth taking the chance with your children? I don’t know about you, but McDonald’s is going to stay off my treat list until I’m a little closer to being embalmed.