Healthy Teething Options For Your Child

Fun, playful and safe teething rings. Why use the same old plastic.

Inhabitots points out that with all the plastic-related issues of late one should be cautious of what they use as a teething option for your baby. Some of their teething options range from wooden rings, organic cloth to rubber critters … even teething options that double as maternal jewelry.

Wooden teething toys:
Camden Rose Maple Teether
Stump Pond Toys Cherry Baby Rattle
Little Sapling Toys Striped Rattle
Little Sapling Toys Maple & Khaya Polka Dot Rattle

Rubber teething toys:
Butterfly & Giraffe Teething Set

Cloth or other materials:
Under The Nile Teething Grapes
Teething Bling Olympic Rings

Let The Kids Drive Our Eco-Change

The best way to affect change in adults may be to influence their children.

I still remember when, in grade school our teachers taught us the benefits of composting and recycling. I swear the recycling push wouldn’t have been half as successful if the kids were removed from the equation. It’s easy for an adult to overlook a recycling opportunity when walking down the street, but stick a couple environmentally aware children in the back seat and you can bet that same parent doesn’t get away with his misdeed. Nothing drives compliance than a noisy, all-knowing kid in the back seat educating you about things you know to be true, and dwelling on your selfishness.

With that memory clear in my mind I think we need a coordinated effort to educate children about alternative energy options to drive similar compliance. Eco Ego provides kids with a fun way to learn about how they are able to impact the environment. The actions selected by your child in the game are used to show her the impacts of those actions. Ice caps, rain forests, landfills… all are used to provide a realistic understanding of how our world works in a manner that is engaging and fun for children.

As an aside, as if they had to make carnivals any cooler for kids – this one powers some of their rides with cow poo. That ought to grab your child’s attention as you drive home your eco message :)

Another upside of getting the kids excited about the environment is that you may be able to convince them to use some of their boundless energy for good instead of evil. Consider this article about see-saws being used to pump water in Africa… think of all the devices in your home that could be powered by your kids as they go about their merry way.

Create Your Own Redeem Team At Home

Your kid can play olympics at home with our without name brand gear... but they'll look better in Jordans.

With the Olympics in full swing I’d be shocked if your kids haven’t picked up on some of the Olympic excitement. The upside I guess would be that they’re a bit more willing to sit and watch the tv quietly as super athletes perform activities they can relate to. Running, jumping, tumbling, falling … if that’s not the perfect attention getter for children I don’t know what is.

The downside is when they start asking for trips to McDonalds when they see their hero’s shilling chicken biscuits after their heat… and even worse, asking for a pair of those gold sprinter shoes Bolt wore to easily win the 100 metre dash.

My suggestion is a preemptive strike with an offering of more reasonably priced athletic wear that you can sell to them as ‘just like the pros use.’ This of course has zero chance of winning if your kid is over 5, but hey, its worth a shot.

I Stole The Site, Not The Items

Babygami and the art of swaddling. What happened to motorcycle maintenance?

I came across via Babyccino and headed straight for the parenting section. Most of the items I found were pretty tongue-in-cheek, but they’re worth a look for sure.

Humpty Who? promises ‘a crash course in 80 nursery rhymes (Georgie Porgie, The Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Contrary Mary… wait, what?) for clueless moms and dads.’ I have to be honest, I didn’t realize there were 80 nursery rhymes, so I already have reason to give this one a shot. The only downside I can think of is that the filler included to get to 80 includes all those morbid post-war rhymes that we recite without knowing their history.

The Baby Owner’s Manual includes step-by-step instructions and diagrams on how to care for your baby.

Baby-Gami claims to teach the art of swaddling. Call it what you like, this one’s all about turning yourself into a hippie… with style. I have to admit that I get nervous when I see parents with kids in these contraptions, especially at the grocer. On more than one occasion I’ve been near certain the kid was going to fall on his head when mom bent to pick up some dropped fruit.

Gamer Parents Rejoice. All Your Babies Are Belong To Us.

Yet another site with curious and often hilarious children's clothing

Ok, so the ‘All your base are belong to us’ meme is totally played out… but for whatever reason it still cracks me up in most of its incarnations.

Etsy seller Teedious offers this very simple ‘All your milk are belong to us’ onesie that may have jumped the shark, but will still manage to get a chuckle out of a subset of your friends.

Consider it a baby warming nerd detector.

I’m living proof my mom puts out
The dog did it
Life is too short for naps
Impeach Baltar

Let The Embarrassment Begin

Is it a visor?
Is it a cap?
Is it both with an insane vent that let’s you keep your bangs under control?

If your children are tormenting you, and at the age where they’re becoming aware of what’s cool and what isn’t you can get back at them with one of these Bang-go caps, that I promise you.

I mean seriously… this has to be a joke.

Non-Plush Ugly Doll Items

Uglydolls... dolls you can purchase for your kids and not feel like an idiot offer more than just plush.

I can’t refuse anything Uglydoll-related… ever since buying a box of Target dolls (the one-eyed octopus with chest hair) I’ve been a fan and evangelize them whenever I can. As such I was surprised to see the variety of Uglydoll merchandise out there today.

Some examples:
The Ugly Guide to the Uglyverse
Ugly Guide to Things That Go and Things That Should Go But Don’t
How to Draw Uglydoll Kit: Ugly Drawings in a Few Easy Steps
Hey Ugly!: Notebook Set
Uglydoll Card Game
Hey Ugly!: Postcard Box

Back To School For Kids Of All Ages

Back to school means peace for you. Deck your kids out correctly so they don't come home crying.

Well, maybe not all ages. With this post I’ll choose a few items for those kids in or entering grade school. Bear in mind this is not (obviously) meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather start sharing some fun items that your kids are sure to love.

Pencil cases are important to a kid. Let them show their personality.

Before we get to the implements themselves, how about a bag to hold them in? The Fleurville Khaki Camo Messenger bag will give your kid a bit of an edge when he walks through the doors.
You’ll also need a pencil case for those writing instruments… and with all the selection I think I’ll opt for a simple list:
Green Hills zipper pouch
Aqua retro flower pouch
One for every day of the week!
Orange blossom pouch
Elephants pouch

Back to school means peace for you. Pack their lunch so they don't come home crying.

Aside from recess and gym, lunch is the best part of the day. Especially if you’re the kid rolling into class with one of these lunchboxes… or this animal lunchbag, this striped number or maybe these personalized metal lunchboxes.
Can’t forget the Bananaguard!

Let them know your kid means business with this gym gorilla tshirt.

Phys-ed related
Best. Gym Shirt. Evar.

Slogging through the rain on her way home doesn't need to be work.

Clothing related.
Charlie and Lola rubber boots… I don’t know who Charlie and Lola are, but rubber boots in Vancouver are a must!
Raincoats to go with your child’s rubber boots? Check!
You know what’s coming next… the Small Paul Julius umbrella, which could actually be used in the sun as well to keep those harmful rays at bay!