Cephalopods For The Children

Squid themed child suitable items for a slow Friday

Even if you don’t take to the squids and octopi as a result of these posts you can’t blame me for trying. Just thank me that I haven’t included my other favorite animal in the posts – ants!

Octopus Field Bag from Deadworry
Rest comfortably in the knowledge that your child won’t be rolling into school with a Dora or Jonas Brothers backpack this year. No sir, your little darling will be representing the cephalopod nation come the first day back.

Octopus Acrylic Painting by Yankeedoodled
Setting aside the anatomical leg-related inaccuracy I think this is a pretty sweet print. One could argue that the other legs are hiding around back, or were eaten by a predator… but regardless this would look great on your kid’s desk.

Pink Plush Stuffed Octopus by Deweybaby
At first glance this struck me as a little gross, until I realized how awesome it was. Maybe not recommended if your child has a dog as I suspect the legs would be irresistible, but definitely cool otherwise.

Octopus Tentacle Earrings by OctopusMe
Maybe not for the youngsters, but if you have a little Goth around the house this may be seen as acceptable.

Plush Zombie Squid Hat / Pillow by ObeyMyBrain
No description needed… this is pure awesomeness.

3 comments on “Cephalopods For The Children

  1. Btw, in case you’re getting email follow-up comments… thanks for posting. It reminded me to check out your current listings.

    That “BOT” piece is fantastic.

    I did an updated post featuring a selection of your art this evening. Maybe one day traffic will be high enough to drive you some customers :)

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