Bullet Proof Baby. Protecting The Future, Today :)

Bulletproofbaby.net offers protection wear for your children

Ok, I’m confident that this is going to be an all-time favourite. I love sites that force you to guess, and investigate in order to tell whether or not they’re legit. A classic example is the Lasik @ Home spoof site that promises to sell you a kit that will allow you to perform home lasik surgery on yourself. Ridiculous? Of course. Hilarious? Yep.

The subject of today’s post is Bulletproof Baby. The site is exactly what you’re thinking… an offering of baby gear for those high risk, high stress, uber dangerous situations. The site offers baby riot gear and body armor… even chemical defense merchandise.

What does the site offer for your paramilitary child?

Protective clothing for children at risk. Protect your baby.

Baby camo which offers jackets, bibs, boots and dungarees.
Baby armor which offers jackets, riot helmets, bomb blankets and a little kiddie riot shield.
Baby homeware which includes a bullet proof crib, stroller and a toddler taser.
Baby chemical defence which includes a chemical defence suit to counteract chemical weapons, dirty bombs and nerve agents.
Finally, this appears to be the actual Merchandise available on the site via a link over to Cafepress.

This protective baby gear may not exist, but you can get stylish baby clothes from the site

So, it turns out the site doesn’t sell all these children’s items… are you surprised? Better question, are you relieved? I’ll bet you are. Either way, I expect at least half the folks who read this post end up forwarding it to a friend or 10 which is likely their aim in the first place.

Why don’t I think these baby and kid’s items are actually for sale? First all items are out of stock, and second… the prices are too good to believe. You can’t buy a stylish onesie for less than $40 yet a bulletproof baby flack jacket is only $70? Too good to be true.

Mission accomplished :)

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