Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets… Septuplets!?!?! Oh Nooooooooo!

Ok, I’m sorry, but seven kids? A woman in Egypt just gave birth to septuplets (hah, that’s funny… my machine thinks septuplets is a typo and keeps recommending sextuplets), four boys and three girls. According to this article she’s only seen them on television and hopes to see them and name them soon. No kidding. I’d want to get in front of those kids as soon as possible and make sure they understand that they’ll be needing to earn scholarships if they’re planning on university.

Seven! Seven on top of three already at home.

This will be made all the more difficult given that the children’s father is a farm worker who earns $4 per day once or twice a week… I can’t imagine the pressure that family must be under. That said, when you’re making $4 per day and already have three kids at home should you really be taking fertility drugs and trying to conceive?

I’m curious to know what anyone out there thinks. I’m of the mindset that children aren’t a right, but rather a privilege if you have the means to support them. I know many people disagree with this, but I find it hard to justify having a child when a) you will have to rely on the government to support them and b) there is a good chance they will encounter significant hardship growing up as a result.

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