Create Your Own Redeem Team At Home

Your kid can play olympics at home with our without name brand gear... but they'll look better in Jordans.

With the Olympics in full swing I’d be shocked if your kids haven’t picked up on some of the Olympic excitement. The upside I guess would be that they’re a bit more willing to sit and watch the tv quietly as super athletes perform activities they can relate to. Running, jumping, tumbling, falling … if that’s not the perfect attention getter for children I don’t know what is.

The downside is when they start asking for trips to McDonalds when they see their hero’s shilling chicken biscuits after their heat… and even worse, asking for a pair of those gold sprinter shoes Bolt wore to easily win the 100 metre dash.

My suggestion is a preemptive strike with an offering of more reasonably priced athletic wear that you can sell to them as ‘just like the pros use.’ This of course has zero chance of winning if your kid is over 5, but hey, its worth a shot.

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