Barista Training For The Younger Set

Baby barista. Kids pulling espresso shots for you at home. What could be more worth the effort.

One of the great things about an espresso machine is that it takes time to make a good cup of espresso… and one of the bad things about an espresso machine is the same thing. Particularly when you have a horde of screaming kids running around your legs and falling off furniture in the next room.

That got me to thinking. If one is eventually going to be paying the little monsters for doing chores, why not train them early for very specific tasks? Life skills if you will. The next logical step is to fashion some form of barista training for kids.

Logical? Probably not… but if there’s any chance of it working we might as well give it a shot!

Enter the wooden coffee maker available at Anara Toys (via Babygadget). Sure it won’t actually brew anything drinkable… but in this case I think its all about familiarity and mimicry. If you get your child to go through the motions you can introduce fluids and electricity and all that later when they’re less likely to kill themselves and really make a mess.

At about $35 apiece far as I can tell there’s very little downside!

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