They Walk (And Crawl) Among Us

Busy weekend this time around.

Saturday involved a quick flight to one of the gulf islands for a wedding, which I’d assumed (incorrectly) would be an adult affair. To date virtually all weddings I’ve attended have included no more than 2 or 3 children below 5. This one included some 14 children in the sub-5 year range including an 18 day old who was marvelously well-behaved.

In any event, a great time was had by all including the kids who had a great time running and playing on the expansive front lawn, blowing bubbles with the celebratory bubble sets and generally causing harmless havoc everywhere you looked. If only all kids were so well behaved. I’ll assume the stars aligned for those few hours and I was not in fact embedded with a group of perfect kids.

After returning to the mainland we met up with a couple friends and their twins. The exceptional behaviour continued throughout that visit with the little ones laughing or staring curiously most of the time and only showing any kind of irritating toward the end of the afternoon. To be frank, I’m not sure how one would deal with twins if they behaved any other way… what a handful!

The also managed to twist my perception of childhood downtown somewhat. Of course this was helped by their proximity to the beach and parkland, and will certainly be challenged as they age and become more mobile, but for now… things seem to be going splendidly from this outsider’s limited perspective.

Now back to the grind!

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