A German Lady Just Gave Birth To Twins… With A Twist

White father, black mother, white son, black son... this will be interesting.

The father in this story is white and of Germanic descent while the mother is of West African descent. I’m guessing the twins are fraternal as one is white like dad while the other has dark skin (and a whole lot of hair) like his mother.

They say that twinning where one sibling is one color and the second is another is rare… and I find it easy to believe that. That said, if I were in the husband’s place I might just opt for a blood test to make sure someone else didn’t slide into home plate.

Friends of ours have identical girls and are getting pretty tired of being stopped constantly so people can look and coo at them… something tells me they have nothing on what this couple is about to go through. Or the kids for that matter!

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