Friday Linkfest

Why buy a tshirt everyone else has? Especially when you can get a limited run shirt that's way cooler?

Not feeling very talkative today so a linkfest it is.

The inlaws have a poodle that runs the house. The dog is king… and a king deserves a throne. Yourhighnesspetbeds over at Etsy has just the thing. If only they made it in a colour that suited the cabin!

Still over at Etsy… the buttfreckle!?!?! The Spanish ball moss one freaks me out.

Time to potty train? Why not help them along with some serious graphics. It’s not just potty time… it’s time to DROP BOMBS.

Ahpeele has some pretty sweet designs. I’m adding this link as much to bookmark the seller for myself as to share it with you :)

Don’t pity these fools

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