Out Of The Game But We’re Back

What's better than a bonsai to class up your kids room? A fake bonsai that neither you or they can kill.

And bootlegging links from other websites until I can get myself grounded again. Thank God for spots like the The Hostess With The Mostess who just keep coming up with some of the best links around.

My favourites from this evening (and remember, I’ve been out of it for a while so some of these may be old news to you) include:

Krislyn Design
Despite my ability to keep plants alive for more than a few months I’m a bonafide bonsai freak. This website offers up bonsai-like items that will survive even my carelessness and don’t look cheap like all-too-many fake plants.
Click ‘Objects’ for the (in my opinion) coolest items on offer.

Are these items politically correct? Not likely… that said the salt and pepper shakers have my interest.

Just Multiples Twin Gear
Some friends of mine have twins and finding appropriate, and interesting gifts has proven to be a challenge. While I’ve found a few sites with decent material, I’m more than happy to add more selection to the list.

And with that… I’m out.

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