They Walk (And Crawl) Among Us

Busy weekend this time around.

Saturday involved a quick flight to one of the gulf islands for a wedding, which I’d assumed (incorrectly) would be an adult affair. To date virtually all weddings I’ve attended have included no more than 2 or 3 children below 5. This one included some 14 children in the sub-5 year range including an 18 day old who was marvelously well-behaved.

In any event, a great time was had by all including the kids who had a great time running and playing on the expansive front lawn, blowing bubbles with the celebratory bubble sets and generally causing harmless havoc everywhere you looked. If only all kids were so well behaved. I’ll assume the stars aligned for those few hours and I was not in fact embedded with a group of perfect kids.

After returning to the mainland we met up with a couple friends and their twins. The exceptional behaviour continued throughout that visit with the little ones laughing or staring curiously most of the time and only showing any kind of irritating toward the end of the afternoon. To be frank, I’m not sure how one would deal with twins if they behaved any other way… what a handful!

The also managed to twist my perception of childhood downtown somewhat. Of course this was helped by their proximity to the beach and parkland, and will certainly be challenged as they age and become more mobile, but for now… things seem to be going splendidly from this outsider’s limited perspective.

Now back to the grind!

How Many Kids Is Enough?

I’ve always assumed that one kid would be eough for me, but something tells me the number changes as your world is turned upside down by numbers one, two, and even three.

By the way, my number was always one. I was quite certain that a single child would be perfect for me. Friends with a single child, no matter what their number had been, suggest that would not stay true over time. One particular parent is adamant that it changes to ‘more’ as number one fully comes online.

If you fall into this bucket let me pass along a word of warning from friends in that situation… they tell me they hope child number 1 will play with and help child number 2. They also tell me that things seldom work out the way you’ve anticipated.

Fall Down Tree Creative

Fall Down Tree Three Blind Mice - excellent art for your aspiring artist.

I’m a huge fan of Luke Chueh, Joe Ledbetter and other such artists… but their art is more appropriate for an older person’s room rather than a childs (though one might argue that for Ledbetter).

Fall Down Creative (found via DesignMom) has some cool art that while not quite as edgy as Chueh provides an acceptable alternative in my mind.

If you’re looking for a fun print to fill an empty wall give Fall Down Tree a look… but give me a few minutes to grab a copy of Three Mice That Are Blind before you do.

I See You Looking… You Need To Get Out More

I was downtown a couple days ago and noticed a kid in one of the condo windows staring blankly at the people walking by. This pad was facing the street and facing southwest (ie, not much sunlight… and absolutely none in Vancouver winters).

How many kids live in downtown apartments? That’s how many kids are gonna suck at sports and shy away from the sun in coming years. I guess I’d never given much thought to the implications of ecodensity on the lifestyles of the next generation, but my stroll the other day certainly surfaced some concerns.

Pendants For You. Pendants For The Kid

Imogen pendants. Something for everyone from robots to trees to squids.

I saw Imogen’s pendants and other items a while back but forgot to post them… at least I think I did. Here’s a selection of the chains and pendants that I find particularly interesting… and even better – many of them are on sale!

Little Robot Pendant

Blackbird on Blue Pendant

Swirly Tree Warm Pendant

Heart Lock Pendant

Silver Tree Pendant

And of course the mandatory cephalopod post:
Shifty Eyed Squid – Aqua Blue Pendant

Rebel In A Onesie? Why Not.

Where do babies come from? Mommy's uterus. The Uterus Onesie

Back to Etsy again, and this time to a seller with an odd theme – the uterus. This post is decidedly female-focused, though I guess a guy could wear a uterus. It’d just be a bit weird.

Harveyandeileen are currently selling a Pink Uterus Onesie as a souvenir of where your little miracle came from, and kind enough to depict that location before the little gem had her way with it.

Also on offer are Uterus Undies, Uterus Cards and Uterus gift certificates.

Got A Kid With A Passion For Insects?

Butterfly prints and cards offered by Lushbella on Etsy

I was one of those kids who spent hours outside looking at and catching insects. I still have that passion with me today, though more time is spent searching for ‘bug shows’ on HD than out in the fields on my belly looking for something new.

Etsy seller Lushbella has some beautiful postcards and archival quality prints of butterflies that would suit any kid or adult that fit the profile above. Have a look and tell me what you think.