Holy Crap I Fell Off The Internet

Felt Pitas: teach your children about ethnic food the safe, easy, washable way.

But I’m back now and for the most part unaffected.

BabyGadget interesting items while I was gone. Since I’m planning to come back online slowly, and with little original thought I’ll just list some of them for you here :)

Qubies ice cube containers for your kid’s food. Easy to dispense means good times for you.
Toast brander? If you say so… though I don’t know many babies that can read. This one’s for the big kids.
Cloth Doner Kebab. Back in December I bought some knitted food on eBay… don’t ask… and submitted it for the office secret Santa pool. This is better, although significantly more expensive (he says assuming that a DKK is worth something).
The root viewer promises to thrill your kids like an ant farm… all the while being even less exciting. Like watching carrots grow.

That’s all for now.

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