Must Read BEFORE Choosing Names

If you haven’t been to Cool Mom Picks, you need to go check them out. A few days ago they posted regarding a book offered by Amazon called “Bad Baby Names.”

With all the so-called creative naming going on these days around baby names I think it would be prudent to drop the $9.95 on this one.

Don’t believe me? Have a peak at Celebrity baby names, or better yet have a look at the review scores for the book over at Amazon.

I’m including a few example names below. See if you can figure out who’s responsible ;)
Piper Maru
Sailor Lee
Phoenix Chi
Heavenly Hiraani
Tiger Lily
I could go on and on…
Note: if I’ve offended anyone with this list, I apologize. This wasn’t meant to be personal… but if you’re on here your name is weird.

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