Triops? Say What?

Triops. Creepy little monsters for your creepy little monster... I mean, lovely little child.

It was only a matter of time before I posted wildlife to the site… every child deserves a disgusting beast or two along the way. In this case its Triops… which to be honest I know very little about. Wikipedia has this to say:

“Members of the order Notostraca (colloquially referred to as notostracans, called Triops, tadpole shrimp or shield shrimp) are small crustaceans in the class Branchiopoda. Triops have two internal compound eyes and one naupliar eye in-between, a flattened carapace covering its head and leg-bearing segments of the body.”

Ok, right.

Anyway, one of my coworkers’ kids love these things. I have to admit they do look interesting, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about giving them to my kids. Given the minimal cost it might be the way to go as a first step toward a kitten or puppy. The Triops die, baby’s puppy time line pushes out by a year. Sound reasonable?

Deluxe Triops kit at ThinkGeek
Triops on eBay

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