Shameless Child Promotion

Rattle-N-Roll. Make sure your lovely little baby makes the best spot on the fridge. Front and center.

We’ve all received those boring new baby announcements in the mail, or Little Gary Graduated Public School alerts. If you’re going to take the time to address the envelopes and mail the things out you may as well be sure the recipients will remember them… at least for a minute or two before throwing them out.

Rattle-N-Roll promises to keep you child’s mug displayed prominently for many weeks to come as their announcement is given a cherished position on the recipient’s refrigerator.

Rock-N-Roll designs your child into a music poster-esque masterpiece for delivery to friends and relatives. Want an Obey Giant Propaganda theme? I suspect they could pull it off. Personally, I think I’d request something more along the lines of a birth announcement with a Chinese Communist propaganda theme.

Welcome to the real world baby.

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