Kiddo KidKeeper Keeps Your Kiddo Close

Kiddo KidKeeper Keeps Your Kids Safe By Alerting You When They Stray

Even the most diligent parent has had one of those moments where you turn away from Jr. and then look back to find him or her out of sight. Well, the Kiddo KidKeeper promises to augment your normal diligence with a technology solution.

How does it work? Attach the transmitter to your kids and keep the receiver with you. You can set the maximum distance you want to allow your child to wander and if he exceeds this limit the receiver will emit a warning sound and flash.

Perfect? Nope. You still have to watch where they’re playing, and what they’re playing with, but this could certainly be a valuable backup measure for the one in a million moment when you get distracted and they get in trouble.

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