Apple Isn’t Alone

I was walking around Yaletown (Vancouver) this weekend and ducked into a few shops containing toys and such along the way. As I’m not at all handy with tools I was in awe of some of the nicely designed toys, clothing and in particular furniture on display. Possibly more in awe of the outrageous price tags affixed to same.

My cousin caught me looking at some very simple, yet very nice looking rocking chairs, essentially what looked like single sheets of plywood folded into various curved shapes. The price tag? In excess of $2,000.

He looked at me, shook his head and informed me that he could make the same product for a tenth of the price. When I actually looked at the piece I found it easy to believe. The baby / children’s toy market must be a marketer’s dream. Cater to the well heeled parents, take a page out of Apple’s marketing playbook and if you’re lucky your simple design will soon line your pocket.

Update: Here’s an example of the chair I talked about… not exactly the same one, but very similar.

Another example? Just look at Uglydolls. I love the things, but come on, how difficult are they to design and produce?

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