Kiddo KidKeeper Keeps Your Kiddo Close

Kiddo KidKeeper Keeps Your Kids Safe By Alerting You When They Stray

Even the most diligent parent has had one of those moments where you turn away from Jr. and then look back to find him or her out of sight. Well, the Kiddo KidKeeper promises to augment your normal diligence with a technology solution.

How does it work? Attach the transmitter to your kids and keep the receiver with you. You can set the maximum distance you want to allow your child to wander and if he exceeds this limit the receiver will emit a warning sound and flash.

Perfect? Nope. You still have to watch where they’re playing, and what they’re playing with, but this could certainly be a valuable backup measure for the one in a million moment when you get distracted and they get in trouble.

Certain Things Shouldn’t Be "Fun"

Boing Boing found this little gem a couple days ago and I had to repost it here. As a child, what’s worse than having a thermometer inserted where the sun don’t shine? Having a thermometer designed to mimic one of your childhood heroes inserted where the sun don’t shine… man.

Oh, I should also mention that this digital wonder plays the SpongeBob theme song when its done, AND it has a bite-resistant shield. Fun!

A Quick Linky Update

Joe Blow Glassworks Raygunz For Kids Of All Ages - With Fat Pockets

I’ve been remiss in my posting… and will try to correct this. In the meantime, I’ll try to deliver a quick link fix below. Have a great weekend!

Straight Line Designs
I was lucky enough to stumble on these guys during Vancouver’s Culture Crawl a couple years ago. The designs are wonderful and would be loved by any kid lucky enough to have these pieces in his or her room. Some favourite examples include (man I hate flash sites without internal links):

Cabinets section > Boom
Cabinets section > Melting
Cabinets section > Tree Cabinet
Furniture section > Bad Table (kids would LOVE this!)
Furniture section > Burnt Leg Table
Projects > Pine Beetle Rocks

If you’re in Vancouver next November I recommend you try the Culture Crawl, and be certain to visit Straight Line Designs.

Joe Blow Glassworks
While on the subject of the Culture Crawl I have to mention Jeff Burnette’s Joe Blow Glassworks. While the prices may prove a bit high for you to let children play with these things, his Raygunz are a thing of beauty. I almost gave in when I stumbled across some of his pieces on a recent trip to Tofino.


Livingstones: Rawwwwwwr

w00t! There’s an English version.

Ok, I definitely want some of these for gifts and for myself.

My French is bad, but these Livingstones look to me like the world’s coolest beanbag replacements. I’d buy about 20, various colours and sizes and spread them around the living room.

I can only imagine how much fun kids would have with these… one recommendation though, please be sure to reinforce that while throwing rocks at home might be OK, the outside world is a different story.

How much? Who knows.
Where can I get them? If someone could tell me it would be much appreciated!

I Promised Myself

Privacy guarding bathroom scale

I wouldn’t allow myself to get overweight as I aged. I’m edging towards officially breaking that promise… time to get to the gym.

In the meantime one of these scales should help to guard my precious secret from… wait… who needs to look at a scale gauge to determine I’m fat? Despite the lack of logic I want one.

Apple Isn’t Alone

I was walking around Yaletown (Vancouver) this weekend and ducked into a few shops containing toys and such along the way. As I’m not at all handy with tools I was in awe of some of the nicely designed toys, clothing and in particular furniture on display. Possibly more in awe of the outrageous price tags affixed to same.

My cousin caught me looking at some very simple, yet very nice looking rocking chairs, essentially what looked like single sheets of plywood folded into various curved shapes. The price tag? In excess of $2,000.

He looked at me, shook his head and informed me that he could make the same product for a tenth of the price. When I actually looked at the piece I found it easy to believe. The baby / children’s toy market must be a marketer’s dream. Cater to the well heeled parents, take a page out of Apple’s marketing playbook and if you’re lucky your simple design will soon line your pocket.

Update: Here’s an example of the chair I talked about… not exactly the same one, but very similar.

Another example? Just look at Uglydolls. I love the things, but come on, how difficult are they to design and produce?

2008 Must Purchase Book For Parent Bloggers

Ok, well maybe not must buy, but must email.
I know more than a few fathers who should hit Amazon asap to grab a few copies of this one for the coffee table. Want a new NAS? Grease the wheels a bit with Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?.

The reviews are definitely mixed, but I suspect most people buying this aren’t doing so for the content… and at $5.95 who really cares?

Squeaky Sushi Toys

Squeaky Dog Sushi Toy. Loved By Your Dog, Respected By Your Child

First let me acknowledge that this is actually a dog toy, HOWEVER I’m convinced it could double as a child’s gift. Any kids I’m going to hang out with need to be sushi friendly, and toward that end I’m all for training them early.

Sugarcharms offers up a $14.99 plush sushi toy set with the squeaky innards. Your kids will love them :)