Williams Sonoma Kids Needs To Rethink Their Product Offering

Williams Sonoma Kidgrater Teaches Your Kids About Pain And The Meaning Of Knuckle Loss

Ok, I’m all for making your child familiar with cooking and the kitchen, and some of the products available over at Williams Sonoma Kids are likely to do exactly that. They’re colourful, easy to handle and in some cases just plain cool (the manual apple peeler will be mine), but the last item on the page includes one item that doesn’t site well with me. I swear I’m looking at a cheese grater.

I’m in my mid thirties and I can’t come within 3 feet of a grater without shredding my knuckles. Why would I think that a kid in my kitchen would have any more luck? I’m hoping I’ve just misidentified the product as the description calls for a whisk, spatula and tongs, but I don’t see tongs and I do see bloody knuckles.

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